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Loraine Segovia-Paz is a leader in connecting to the growing and widely diverse population of Tennessee. In 2003 she founded Hispanic Paper and began publishing La Noticia Newspaper as a vehicle for more effective communication with the states’s fast growing population of Hispanics.

For the last 7 years, Loraine Segovia-Paz has worked tirelessly to encourage the understanding of diversity in business and community and the economic importance of our multicultural populations. It was due to her work that she become not only a business leader but an advocate for Latinos and businesses through her involvement as a member of the board of directors of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Loraine Segovia Paz’s vision for more integrated comunity growth and print news media as an educational tool, was the driving force behind Hispanic Paper, a local coverage business and cultural publication that helped connect Latinos in Tennessee. Under her leadership, Hispanic Paper's first product La Noticia has grown to a weekly newspaper earning the respect and recognition of businesses and community for its innovative format and local oriented content. Today her company stands strong with a dynamic and diverse team magnifying today’s multicultural world and being at the forefront of the Hispanic news media in Tennessee.

While building Hispanic Paper Loraine Segovia has been an advocate of public service. She is recipient of the 2008 Hispanic Heritage Outstanding Leadership and Service Award and the recipient of the SBA Business Advocate Recognition in 2007. Loraine Segovia-Paz has devoted her career to bring a voice to Latino leadership, especially Latino Women enterpreneurs. As a Vice-Chair of Education and Business Literacy initiatives for the NAHCC - whose mission is to empower Latinas through education, leadership development and community service, she has developed a Latina Leaders training program and with the support of the NAHCC and corporate partners, implemented the only of its kind, in her market, annual recognition program honoring leaders in the Latina community.

Loraine’s advocacy, commitment and passion to bring awareness and education to underserved demographics, led the way to forming partnerships with a variety of organizations in business, health, education and arts and culture.

Loraine Segovia-Paz serves on the Board of Directors of the Comprehensive Care Center a leading in the nation research and treatment center. She also serves on the regional board of directors for the American Red Cross and is actively involved in the developing and strengthening of networks of Latina leaders in education, public health and business.

In 2006, Loraine Segovia Paz was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a leading non-profit organization dedicated to foster business growth, education, integration, and cultural appreciation in Tennessee. The work of the NAHCC supports educational causes, the empowerment Latino businesses and facilitates entrepreneurship opportunities through the engagement of companies and influential leaders in the business community. The NAHCC Board is devoted to develop the next generation of Hispanic leaders with educational programs targeting an estimated population of 90,000 Hispanics on an annual basis.

Other awards and honors include the Outstanding Leadership and Service Award from the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for advancing support to the work of the organization by facilitating its participation in a national level as well as recruit and engage a great number of Hispanic women business leaders to help increase the diversity of the NAHCC membership.

Loraine Segovia-Paz has worked in multiple Hispanic outreach and business projects building valuable partnerships with respected institutions such as the Belcourt Theatre Foundation, Nashville Film Festival, Scarri Benne Center, American Red Cross and All About Women to list a few. Loraine studied accounting at the University of Cochabamba in Bolivia and is preparing to start her MBA in Nashville next year. She is currently involved in the creation of the first Minority Business Procurement Training Insitute with the support of the NAHCC, the Minority Business Developement Council, Dell, Walmart, Best Buy, State Water Heaters and other corporate partners.


La Noticia Newspaper
Founder, Editor


About Yuri Cunza
A native from Perú, Yuri Cunza moved to Nashville in 1996. He earned his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Film Directing from Watkins College of Art & Design.
His professional experience includes the films “Conflicto Emocional” (Emotional Conflict), "A Man Without a Name" and the series “Mujeres Sin Fronteras” (Women without Frontiers) for CVC- Argentina. In 2000 Cunza became producer of “Hispanos de Hoy”, a weekly bilingual television segment with him as primary host thanks to an opportunity presented by veteran television personality Teresa Hannah for the local NBC affiliate WSMV-Channel 4 Nashville.
Cunza’s perspective on diversity issues has been influenced by living in different Latin-American countries and is reflected in his work: ‘rich in powerful messages of strong social content’. In fact his documentary film “Under the Skin” (2001) leads us into the dynamics of racial diversity in human relations, portraying accurately the multicultural experience in America. An official selection at the Nashville Film Festival and the 2003 International Film Forum, “Under the Skin” aired on Channel 4 Nashville on July 8th 2001. (click here to view first 9 minutes  of "Under the Skin")
Cunza is founder of the publication “La Noticia” a Spanish language Newspaper featuring original content, “written by and for Latinos”. Cunza served on the advisory board for Scarritt-Bennett Center’s “Celebration of Cultures”, and is member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Science’s board of Governors, the board of directors for the Belcourt Theatre, The Nashville Film Festival, the American Red Cross (until Dec.2006) and more than a dozen more other organizations; ranging from business, health, non-profit, arts and culture. Cunza’s memberships include the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and The National Council LA RAZA. Locally he is a new member of the Downtown Nashville Rotary Club among civic groups. Cunza has served on the board for the HIV/AIDS research based Comprehensive Care Center and is a current member of the board of Street Works and Metro General Hospital’s “Friends in General Board”. Yuri Cunza served as Chairman of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce from late 2003 to December 31, 2006.
Cunza has been an active advocate of Hispanic, immigrant and civil rights causes, becoming a powerful voice for Nashville’s growing Latino community. His comments and perspectives about some of the most controversial issues involving culture, diversity and immigrant populations have been featured in several English language publications and media outlets including TN Business, The Tennessean, The City Paper, The Nashville Business Journal, American Renaissance, the SCENE, The Associated Press, Reuters, Channels, 2, 4, 5 and 17, National Public Radio (NPR), WFSK, WPLN and Radio Free Nashville. His most recent project “Pulso Mundial” (Worlds’ Pulse) is Nashville’s first bilingual hour long radio program which airs every Friday morning on 98.9 FM. Cunza's visual arts credits include exhibits at the Nashville Airport, Metropolitan Public Library, The Brownlee O. Currey, JR. Gallery, and the Madison Arts Center among others.
A Nashville resident for just over 10 years, Yuri Cunza became a U.S Citizen on September 22nd, 2006



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